Our Story

As all great stories do, ours begins with a journey.

As a family, we decided to set sail on an epic food and wine adventure around the world. This incredible time of our lives only enhanced our shared love of experiencing new flavours, cultures, tastes and smells. Leading us to find a small piece of paradise right here in the heart of Harkerville.

Sailing across the ocean not only brought us to Luka Vineyards, but also inspired our passion for sustainable living. We believe that it is our duty to act as custodians of the land, and so we have adopted sustainable, ethical practices at every point of our vineyard. From the vines to the table and beyond. This approach has also found its way into our Mandala logo in hopes to tell our story through pictures. Every element represents our connection and emotional ties to the planet.

Our story has evolved over time leading us to Luka Vineyards, the most beautiful interruption in the busyness of life. We look forward to welcoming you to our latest adventure and hope that you will share new memories with all that Luka Vineyards has to offer...